How to fix errors on your credit report?

A lot of people may not have experienced this but some really do get credit errors in their report. If you happen to be one of them then you better get them removed immediately. Why? Because credit errors can actually hurt your credit score and other credit activities in the future. Lenders or banks or even companies often do a background check and if they see your record with bad marks (even if they are not true) they you might not get approved or accepted for what you are applying for. When you see false claims on your report, be sure to follow these tips to get you through them quickly and easily.

1. Having a credit means that you are required to check on it too. You have to get a hold of a new record at least every 3-4 months to keep you on track. Carefully look through the details and check for errors. This is where receipts and other proofs of payment will come in handy.

2. If you have confirmed that there are errors in your credit reports, dispute them over to your credit agency as early as you can. You can do it through paper, phone or online. You can also try calling your lender first to make sure if things are fine or not. Include everything in your dispute letter such as your name, address, contact number, reason for filing a dispute (e.g. you didn’t miss any payments etc.). Explain it in a brief but concise way.

3. Filing for a dispute takes time so waiting for it is normal. Just be patient and do follow-ups every now and then if it’s taking a little too long.

4. If you can, try to keep important papers like receipts or any other kind that will serve as proof in such cases. You’ll never know when you’ll need them, so it’s better to safe than sorry. You don’t want to end up losing over a dispute for something you didn’t really do.

Remember that no else should be taking care of your credit but you. You are reliable for whatever is in your report, whether it is bad marks or false documentations. Keep In mind the possible consequences if you leave them on your report and the advantages of having a clean credit report. Start taking care of your credit now and you’ll surely be happy with the results.

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10 SureFire Ways To Get a Credit Card When You Have Bad Credit

In today’s economic climate, it’s become nearly impossible to find a credit card issuer willing to cater to people with bad credit. Among the few financial institutions that do offer bad credit cards, many have tightened their qualification guidelines for approval.

Although it’s easy to qualify for department store or gasoline credit cards when you have bad credit, a secured credit card is still one of the best ways to rebuild your credit. In order to qualify for a secured credit card, all you need to do is deposit money in a blocked bank account to guarantee the line of credit.

To literally guarantee your odds of obtaining a secured or bad credit card, you have to take proactive steps prior to submitting your application. Study each credit card application carefully. When you’ve finally narrowed your decision down to one or two particular bad credit card applications, it’s time to take 10 important steps to ensure your application will be approved.

1) Repair Your Credit File

If you have a bad credit file, obtain copies of your credit report from all three credit reporting agencies and work on removing incorrect derogatory information before you apply for a card. This will increase your chances of obtaining a card, especially the easy qualifying department store or gasoline company ones. Review your debt to income ratio. Banks don’t want to see you apply with high fixed monthly obligations exceeding 32-36{77e4f13bffff39a77640d2f040ceda7a1e812745d41e2ba69a482d80ad5e3070} of your monthly income.

2) Apply With Banks Specializing In Bad Credit

Select secured credit cards from banks who aggressively market to individuals with bad credit. They want you as a customer and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be approved. Another excellent way too find credit cards for people with bad credit is to ask family and friends who have been bombarded with offers of secured credit cards. You can also check with the financial institution where you bank and see if they offer a secured credit card.

3) Use the Same Name

Be sure to consistently use the same name on all your card applications. For example, don’t use your middle name on one application and not another. Also pay attention to generations like Jr. and Sr.

4) Beware of Multiple Applications

Don’t submit more than two to three simultaneous applications within a 2 week period. Multiple inquiries into your credit can lower your credit score and give banks the impression you’re desperate because other financial institutions are denying you credit.

5) Apply for Easy Qualifying Cards

Take advantage of pre-approved department store, retail, and gasoline cards. They are easy to get and provide an excellent lift to your credit history. Be sure the bank reports your transactions and payments to your credit report. Being responsible with timely payments on these card will definitely earn you an opportunity to obtain an unsecured credit card within 6-12 months.

6) Honesty Pays Off

Be honest on your application about previous financial problems beyond your control. Most bad credit card issuers are willing to overlook a bad credit history if you can document extenuating circumstances such as medical illness or a job loss.

7) Make Sure Your Application is Complete

Accurately complete the entire application to the best of your ability. A good strategy for a professional looking application is to type it out. List down a checking or savings account. Banks prefer their applicants to have some kind of established relationship with a financial institution.

8) First Impressions Count

Present yourself as a responsible applicant with a promising career. While you don’t want to lie on your application, don’t minimize your job title if you can express it more professionally.

9) Diligence Pays Off

Don’t give up if you are denied a credit card. Contact the credit card company and find out why you were denied a card. Then take efforts to correct the problem by contacting the credit bureaus. Find out from the bank what it would take for you to qualify for a bad credit card. Don’t give up!

10) Timing is Everything
The best time to apply for a bad credit card is when your job situation has been stable for a while, you’ve lived at your present address for at least a year, and you haven’t had many credit checks recently.

Even though your secured card options may be fewer today, you can almost guarantee the odds of your application being approved just by following these 10 important steps. Once you receive your new secured credit card, use it responsibly and watch your credit score improve.

Bobby Tan is a debt management consultant helping people resolve their bad credit issues. Find Bobby’s reviews of the hottest bad credit cards for bad credit at Bad Credit Card Tips web blog.

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Payday Loans Novice? Read On About How To Apply And Get Accepted For Payday Loans Online

If you are a novice at applying for payday loans online this simple guide will provide you with some much needed insight on how to do so. It will also be equally as useful even if you have done so but haven’t come across this informational website.

Basically payday loans online are offered as some kind of advance wage at a time when you’re most desperate. Several clients require this kind of monetary boost for different situations and emergencies.

This therefore makes these payday loans different from standard institutional loans because your credit history won’t be put on the spotlight. At the very most they’ll ask for your current pay slip as proof of your ability to make a repayment.

The criteria set for an online payday loan approval are worlds apart from those used by banks and credit institutions as they are easier to meet.

Any established and dependable payday loan provider has as his sole aim to make life less complicated than it already is and make the approval speedy and timely.

Several payday loan clients make use of these online payday loans for the payment of overdue bills. So in essence it makes sense to apply for a payday loan in order to fund the payment of an overdue bill that might cause undue damage to your credit score.

In general online payday loan offerings come with a relatively generic set requirements which should be listed on a lender’s website. Go through these requirements closely to note a few problem areas that might need fixing before an application is eventually passed on to a lender.

Requirements For The Approval Of Online Payday Loans

These are the basic requirements:

• A direct deposit bank account.
• Proof of employment.
• Earnings of at least 900 Pounds before deductions. This is however an estimate, the tier can vary.
• You should be eighteen years old when applying.
• UK residency

Why Some Online Payday Loans Are Denied
• Being unemployed
• A monthly earnings of below 900 Pounds
• Invalid contact details
• Inability to verify your personal details
• Inability to verify bank account details

The only way to develop the natural confidence to make a quick application is to ensure that you fill in the form given below.

The mistakes we often make as humans is that of panicking at the sight of an impending emergency to a point where we make silly mistakes.

If you have an emergency situation on your hands that requires cash it would be a good idea to take full advantage of these fast online payday loan offerings. However, remember to practice caution and discipline when it comes to your application and the subsequent repayments. Failure to take advantage of these online payday loans can again have you stressing terribly over how you are going to cope under your present financial circumstances, something none of us want.

Jackie writes for Cash Choice UK who are a reputable payday loans company. They believe that a payday loan should only be used intelligently to bridge a financial gap from time to time.

Best tips to improve credit scores

If you have been running out of ideas to boost your credit, don’t fret! You don’t have to change the way you give it a boost all the time, you just have to keep it up. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen a lot of stuff out there that tell you how difficult it is to maintain your credit score but don’t be intimidated! It isn’t actually difficult, but it does require effort and discipline. If you combine the two then giving your score a boost will be simple. Just follow these tips; it’ll surely make boosting your score easier and more fun.

1. Enjoy your card! Use it for a wee bit of shopping. But don’t get carried away. Even if you have tons of money to pay for your bills, you shouldn’t exceed you credit card limit. Never max it out if you are trying to improve your score. Whenever you exceed your limit, banks and lenders will see that in your report. They will see you as irresponsible and unworthy for future transactions.

2. In relation with the one above, try to stay 25{77e4f13bffff39a77640d2f040ceda7a1e812745d41e2ba69a482d80ad5e3070} below your credit limit. It’ll help if you keep a list or write down the stuff you have used your credit for. If you happen to have enough cash with you, then why not use it? It’ll help you stay on a budget and at the same you won’t be going board with your card use as well.

3. Clean out errors in your credit report as early as possible. They act like dirt on your record, and they may affect future deals. Dispute them to credit agency to get them removed, a clean credit report will go a long way.

4. Check your credit score regularly. Did you know that you are actually entitled to a free credit report from the three agencies every year? Best if you check it every 3-4 months. You’ll be able to track fishy transactions too. If your card is frequently used and you have been a victim of credit fraud then you better do this to prevent your credit from getting hurt.

See, these tips aren’t so bad right? In fact, they’re very easy to do. Your credit score is very important. Every time banks or lenders or even hiring companies do a background check on you, they will see your score and it will reflect the entire you. Take care of your credit score and you’ll be taking care of reputation as well.

Wondering, how can I check my free credit report? Get your credit report and credit score free & keep your credit history good for a happy financial life.

Factors needed to maintain a good credit report

The online financial world has offered us many advantages–just look at the convenience that online shopping and banking has provided Internet-savvy individuals. The advent of the Internet also means that you now have access to one of the most important documents that can shape your financial credibility–your credit report.

To maintain a good credit report, one must always make time to review its contents and ensure the veracity of information contained within it. And its availability online makes it easier than ever to access.

The result of a good credit score can allow you to ask for any financial assistance like loans or mortgages and will also contribute in deciding the amount of interest on loan. The lack of reputable credit reports or any lack of responsibility reflected on the document may make you an unappealing candidate for financial support from any institution. Therefore, it is highly essential to bring about a good financial status by managing excellent credit reports.

The free credit report available for your review mirrors of your financial reputation. A good financial reputation not only impresses the lenders who provide you loansand other financial aids but insurers, employers, cell phone service providers and landlords as well.

Some of the essential necessities that are demanded to maintain your annual credit report are:

1. Maintain habits of regular credit monitoring: credit monitoring is the most essential part of a credit report. Lenders and creditors feed information about your regular transactions through various agencies. The important bureaus like Experian, Transunion and Equifax keep full information about your account management and you can easily access your free credit report through them. Credit reports are made on the basis of your financial behavior. Late payments, high debt to income ratio, increased limits on credit cards and many such factors are reflected on your credit report. You should routinely check your updates so that any information should not be missed.

2. Focus on the accuracy to find a good credit score: errors in your report may often affect the grades of your credit reports. For example if you have settled an outstanding a bill a long time ago but still is reported to be unpaid, it will a cause negative impression and thus will lower your scores.

3. Make saving habits: a person’s credit can be badly affected if he is in habit of constantly draining his/her accounts. By maintaining a good account and saving habits you can increase the financial creditability.

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Why it is Important to Review Your Credit Report

Getting an idea about your financial health has become easier and more accessible through the efficiency with which you can now review credit reports. This document, particularly for the part of lenders and creditors, help lessen credit risk, can help you save money and has the potential to fend of unnecessary financial troubles.

Consider the following rules before checking a credit report

If you intent to run a credit check on a person other than yourself, it is imperative that you get the permission of the person in question prior to trying to obtain the document. According toFCRA you can only check other’s credit report when you have the authorization and even then, must be for a legitimate business transaction or reason. Examples would be when someone is trying to get a loan or when you are reviewing someone’s credit history before recruiting them as an employee.

Here are fewcircumstances when you can look at the credit report of other people.

* To view your child’s credit file

It is good monitor the report of your child ifhe or she is receiving credit card solicitations.This will help you tracking his/her identity. Teenagers are easy targets for fraudsters; specifically those applying for educational loans. You are free to raise dispute for the wrong items on your kid’s report and can attain copy of credit file from the bureaus.

* Saving oneself from becoming a victim of fraud
Identity-thieves make money by stealing the identity of the deceased person. To avoid such dilemma, you can request credit bureaus for the deceased person’s report. In these cases, it is advisable to submit the original death certificate of the person and identity details to the credit reporting agencies. So, credit freeze can be put on the deceased person’s report.

* Safeguarding parents from fraud activities

Like your children’s credit statement, senior citizens are on thetop of the hit list of identity thieves. It is wise to review the credit history of your parents and also ensure that they own accounts present on the statement. You can have a copy of the credit file by acquiring the power of attorney.

* Employing someone in your firm

If you areemployinga professional at a senior position or for the job requiring money management then it is good to investigate the credit check. It is better to review the credentials of the person who will be exposed to your confidential information, for instance, personal secretary. Along with credit report, you should review personal details, criminal records and public records of the person.

Wondering, how can I check my credit report? You can get your credit report and credit score for free online & keep your credit history good for a happy financial life.

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Credit Report Monitoring and Safeguarding Identity

Identities are highly important when buying a home, a car and things that demand a huge amount of investment. Therefore, it is also extremely vital to protect and secure one’s identity as identity theft is becoming really prevalent these days. When a credit card is involved in identity theft, it downgrades the credit score affecting the person’s credit report. A good credit score is important if one wishes to enjoy the benefits given to a person with a good credit report.

Identity theft is the worst case a person can be involved in as it robs your identity while you are unaware. Transactions will be made under your name while you are left to deal with the problems that you yourself did not create. Identity theft is an aggravating crime that can cause irreparable damages to a person. It can ruin a person’s credit report and a person’s chances to obtain new credit. Therefore, it is important to keenly keep an eye on your credit file and check the file regularly. Also, check out credit monitoring services that will inform you of any new accounts made or any other unauthorized actions that will take place under your name.

Why monitor a credit report?

Credit monitoring services cater to every kind of identity threats. Once under the service, reports are thoroughly investigated and clients do not have to be worried about their identity being stolen as they are being protected and safeguarded. Credit report investigation protects you against attempts made by the hackers.

Moreover, these services have sheltered victims of identity thefts by lending great support. Experts suggest routine monitoring of credit files. A regular credit check is the best way to keep an eye over unauthorized activities and prevent having a poor credit score. Credit scores vary regularly with new credit or lending activities and credit monitoring services will alert you of any changes in your credit score. Keeping an eye on your credit file will keep you updated on all activities and will help you safeguard yourself from identity theft.

To sum up

Identity theft is one of the main culprits on why credit scores fall. Therefore, it is logical and reasonable to identify the steps that can help prevent you become a victim of one. Fraudsters are also much smarter today that they have developed cutting edge technology to make it easier for them to exploit and victimize people. For that reason, it is important that you provide yourself with the best means that could help protect you from identity theft. Credit report monitoring services ensure the safety of your identity and credit files.

Check your credit report free now. Get your three bureau credit report and credit scores instantly & get access to daily credit monitoring, credit alerts and other resources that will assist you in understanding credit reports and making big financial decisions.

Forget Rejection, Bad Credit Auto Loans Are Here To Fulfill Your Car Dream

Bleak economic indicators, depressing hiring numbers, dreary spending and miserable condition of monthly payments are all consequences of the 2009 recession. Well, the recession has created havoc in everyone’s life and everyday is a battle for Americans.

But, Californians have always been famous for hard-work and “never say never” attitude. It is the dedication of Californians that make it the largest economy of the world’s most powerful country.

Knowing the attitude of Californians, several lenders have trust in you. You may think that buying a car is difficult in this economy. But, the case is not so. There are ample opportunities with you to buy your dream car. The option of bad credit auto loan is one of them. This loan type is useful for those who are suffering from a poor credit score.

There are many confused souls who do not understand bad credit score. Well, let’s make it simple for everyone.

Bad credit is nothing but your credit score gone awry. A credit score basically means numerical representation of your credit worthiness. The most commonly used score model is FICO score. TransUnion, Equifax and Experian are three of the largest U.S repositories. They handle your credit scores.

Every credit bureau has separate criteria for calculating your credit score. This is the reason a same individual has different credit scores at the same time.

Generally, a score above 700 is considered excellent. If your credit score is below 500, it is usually a bad credit score. But, this doesn’t mean the doors of opportunity are closed on you. Lenders have their own criteria. Your credit score may be bad for someone and average for another lender.

So, the bottom-line is that you shouldn’t stop searching. Remember a quitter never wins. Explore as many options as possible. All you need to do is search for lenders who offer affordable auto loans for bad credit. You can seek help from your local lenders or widen your search with the help of internet. Internet allows you to complete your loan process in a quick span.

When you search online, make sure you choose a secured website for filling the application form. A valid security certificate means the site is safe from phishing. So, check the security of the site.

The Down Payment

There are several things that can affect your auto loan. How much amount you put in as down payment is also important. Down payment is the initial upfront amount that you pay while making a purchase. You can increase your loan approval chances by making a huge down payment. This will reduce the lender’s risk and will also ensure him of your financial capability.

The Co-Signer Rule

This is another way of raising the probability of approval. If you ask someone to co-sign your auto loan, the lender’s risk gets divided. If you have a co-signer, he guarantees the repayment of your loan. So, search for someone who trusts you and is ready to co-sign your loan agreement.

What Documents Are Required For Your Bad Credit Auto Loan?

Proof of Income
If you are a salaried employee, then it is important that you send a copy of last two months’ pay stubs.

For self-employed or individual contractor, pay checks are out of question. Hence, it is necessary that you submit your IT returns of at least three years. It will include:-
>> Form 1040 (U.S. Individual Income Tax Return)
>> Schedule C (Profit or Loss from Business)
>> Schedule SE (Self-Employment Tax)

Bank Statements
Regular bank statements are a proof of your stable economic condition. Lenders want to ensure that their money is going into right hands and hence would be interested in understanding your personal accounts.

Your Residential Proof
A copy of your recent Mortgage Statement Utility Bill like phone or electricity is enough for lenders.

Vehicle information
You will also need to submit details of your car. A new car will require information like the purchase price, VIN, car’s year, make and model.If it’s a pre-owned car, you will have to additionally give information about the car’s mileage, title and also provide a disclosure of any liens, if any.

Now, California is widely known for its car culture. Auto lenders have understood the importance of car in the Golden state and so, they are offering affordable loans. After understanding the easy availability of bad credit car loans in the State, the only thing left for you is to apply.

So, apply now and get ready to enjoy the beautiful scenic vistas of California in your car. Don’t forget to drive on the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoy the panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay.

Avail bad credit automobile financing California from RapidCarLoans.Net and drive your dream in style. We believe that your bad credit score is no reason to deny you an affordable automobile financing California option. So, apply now and achieve your car dream.

Get Your Credit Report For Free And Get More Negotiating Power

There are many places online where you can get your credit report for free. Knowing where you stand credit wise can help you negotiate better rates when purchasing a house or a car. Whether you have good or bad credit, you should always shop for a better interest rate. Right?

Here is the usual scenario of someone with bad credit purchasing an automobile. The customer knows they have a blemished history but they don’t know how bad it is because they didn’t get their credit report for free online. They go to the dealership and find a car they love. The sales person comes from the F&I office with good news that they have been approved for a loan. The customer is so happy (or surprised) they were approved, they overlook the 21{77e4f13bffff39a77640d2f040ceda7a1e812745d41e2ba69a482d80ad5e3070} interest rate and sign the contract.

That same customer could get a better interest rate by shopping around before they get to the dealership. They won’t get a prime rate but they can get the best rate for their given credit situation. This customer should get their credit report and score so they’ll know which types of lenders will offer a loan. Knowing they have less than perfect credit, they will apply with lenders that deal with credit challenged consumers.

Once they get their credit report for free online, the scenario may go something like this. The customer walks into the dealership and finds a car they love. Because they know their credit situation and did their research, they know they can get a rate in the 16-18{77e4f13bffff39a77640d2f040ceda7a1e812745d41e2ba69a482d80ad5e3070} range. The range is high but is better than 21{77e4f13bffff39a77640d2f040ceda7a1e812745d41e2ba69a482d80ad5e3070}. This customer sees the 21{77e4f13bffff39a77640d2f040ceda7a1e812745d41e2ba69a482d80ad5e3070} rate offered by the dealer but balks at this figure because he knows he can get a cheaper rate. At this point, the dealer can lower its interest rate or lose a potential customer. That’s negotiating power!

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Open New Accounts For Credit Repair Success!

You Need New Accounts

Your credit repair success depends on the presence of positive accounts on your credit report. Many people jump into a credit repair program thinking only of disputing the derogatory items on their report. Removing reporting errors is an important and even exciting part of any credit repair effort, but unless you have current open accounts that are registering timely payments each month your FICO credit scores will languish and you will be left wondering what went wrong.

The Logic

The logic behind the need for open active accounts is simple. Your credit score is designed to provide prospective lenders with a predictive measure of the likelihood of you being a good lending risk. The credit scoring algorithm searches through your credit file for proof that you are a capable and responsible borrower. It wants to see that you are alive and well and paying your bills. If the scoring software scans your file and cannot find any proof or your payment abilities you will not be rewarded with a good score regardless of how successful your credit repair program has been in deleting the problem accounts.

Secured Credit Cards

Recent events in the credit markets have left lenders less willing to take chances. If your credit is not great there is little chance that you will get approved for a credit card. This is the situation that many people face when starting a credit repair program. But there is a solution. Just get secured credit cards. Secured credit cards require that you open a small savings account to back up the amount of the credit line of the card. For credit repair purposes the size of the card is not important. I often suggest to clients that they open secured cards with the minimum amount required as the score benefit is based on proper management rather than size. The optimal number of cards for rebuilding your scores is two.

Avoid these Common Errors

Once your secured credit cards are active you should use them. There are two common mistakes that people make with new secured credit cards that will limit the benefit and even end up hurting your score. The first error is not using the card. It is not enough to open the account; inactive accounts are soon ignored for credit score calculation. The second error people make, and the most damaging for your credit repair effort, is using the full amount of the card. This can be tempting (and easy) to do with a card that has such a small limit, but a maxed out credit card can lower your credit score by over 100 points. The right way to use these new cards is to keep a small balance, but do not use more than 20{77e4f13bffff39a77640d2f040ceda7a1e812745d41e2ba69a482d80ad5e3070} of the available credit line.

The Mechanics of Your Score

Here is some information that will shed some light on your credit repair effort and help you manage your credit for the best possible results. The FICO credit scoring software analyzes the relationship between your account balances and their respective limits. The levels of card usage recognized are 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100. The lower your usage, the higher will be your score. You might find it helpful to think of the lower two tiers as giving bonus points, 60 percent usage as being neutral, and the two top levels as the penalty zone. Take this seriously. As mentioned earlier, a maxed out card can cost you over 100 points on your score.

You are in Control

Have you maxed out your credit cards and seen your score fall? Don’t worry. There is some good news about revolving balances and your credit repair. Your credit score will recover instantly when you pay your balances back down. This means that, theoretically, you could keep your balances at the cards limit until you needed your credit scores to be at their best. If you decide to manage your cards in this manner, just be conscious that it can take up to 60 days for your new reduced balance to be reported on your credit report, so make sure to pay those balances down well in advance!

Credit Repair Services

Do you need credit repair help? Many people benefit greatly from having a professional credit repair service examine their reports and build a comprehensive plan for cleaning and restoring their credit. A professional service will make sure that every available strategy for score improvement has been considered. It’s worth a look. You will discover that professional credit repair is extremely affordable. Good luck!

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Ed White is a credit repair expert and financial consultant. In addition to his own private practice he consults for one of the nation’s leading credit repair services. Ed is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and has a degree in economics.